On the Meaning of Leadership Essay

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On the Meaning of Leadership Jon L. Pierce and John W. Newstrom / University of Minnesota In this article, Pierce shows multiple definitions for leadership, which it means that it has a complex meaning. Some of the authors cited in this journal have decided to associate it with psychological phenomenon arguing that leaders are people who possess certain desirable personality; moreover, others see it as a sociological phenomenon where the leader is the result of a confluence of a group (leaders and followers). Some of the meanings that experts give about leadership are that leaders are the hub or nucleus in a group; leaders are people that can stimulate to others effectively, leaders are also people who have a program and are moving toward an objective with his group in a definite manner. There appear to be several approaches to the definition of leadership that revolve around, for example, such concepts as: influence, power, and securing compliance. Also, it is important to mention that good leaders are agents of changes. The article defines leadership as “an interaction between two or more members of a group that often involves a structuring or structuring of the situation and the perceptions and expectations of the members.” The article also lists several additional conceptualizations and uses of the leadership concepts such as self-leadership, servant leadership, strategic leadership, and leadership. The authors concluded by discussing the emerging leadership role that helps people attain self-leadership. It represents the transformation from the “follow me leader” to the leader who focuses on “leading other to lead themselves.” Nowadays, it is really important for companies to have managers who also are leaders. I think that everybody could be a leader in different proportion, some of them have this ability since always but the others can learn
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