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Zoologists study animals and how they live and grow in their habitat. If you've ever had a house cat, especially one with tiger stripes, spots like an ocelot, or a furry mane, it is sometimes remarkable how similar their movements are to big cats, such as lions and tigers. Their pouncing, their graceful walk, and their constant grooming all mimic their big cat cousins. However, we know that ultimately, Mr. Tibbles lying fast asleep in your laundry basket is a fairly distant cousin to the African lion. For one thing, domestic cats can't roar (but they do growl). One thing they can do that lions can't is purr continuously. In fact, lions can only purr when they breathe out, and even so, they rarely purr at all. Purring just isn't important to their social world, whereas for house cats, purring is a major form of communication.Distinctions among the family of cats are just one thing you might study if you pursue a career as a zoologist. Zoologists are biologists who study the behavior, diseases, and development of animals. They usually are known for the animal group that they study. A few of the titles include ornithologists (birds), mammalogists (mammals), herpetologists (reptiles), and ichthyologists (fish). Some zoologists do basic research. They try to discover new information about living things. They identify the new data and decide where to classify it within the current framework. Other zoologists work in applied research. They use data from basic research to help solve problems in areas such as the environment or health. Depending on the type of animal they are researching, zoologists may breed and raise specimens. They may also dissect animals and preserve their bodies. Zoologists who work in research usually work in laboratories. They observe and work with the animals. Zoologists may run their own experiments or direct lab assistants to do so. They

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