On the Grasshopper and the Cricket Essay

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The Pleasure of Teaching English Poetry Luke P. M. Chan & Liu Hsiao-Fang Fooyin University of Technology ABSTRCT Students in Fooyin do not show much in studying English poetry. If they have a chance to select between English Poetry and some other courses, most of them would rather like some other courses, instead of English Poetry. Hence, how to create a better atmosphere of learning and develop the pleasure of learning in the classroom is the most concerned in the teaching of poetry. Are there any ways for teachers to use in the process of teaching English poetry? In solving this problem, the writer of this paper presents the following three ways: (1) Using English songs, (2) Access to Network, and (3) Classroom Activities. Songs are considered as a very useful supplementary tool in raising students’ interest in learning. Therefore, it is a good way to teach English Poetry by using English songs. There are so many resources and materials related to English Poetry, which can be found in a variety of websites. With the help of these websites, teachers of English Poetry can enhance their teaching capabilities and qualities and increase students’ interest in studying poetry. As for the classroom activities, students’ participation is highly emphasized. The classroom activities include Games, Paraphrasing, Recitation, Dictation, Group Discussion and a name poem. Poetry can function as a media between the poet and the reader; it can also function as a media between the teacher and students. If teachers of English poetry can find a good way to increase students’ interest in learning poetry, both teachers and students will like this “magic media”. If teachers can employ active ways to teach students, students will find learning English poetry enjoyable. And teachers will find that teaching poetry is no longer a burden. Key words: Rhythm,
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