On The Equality Of The Sexes Analysis

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The United States had varying ideas in how to continue the ideas of freedom and individual rights by way of government. Political parties began to develop after the Revolutionary War that distributed conflicting ways of government and establishing the new nation. People also become more aware of the freedoms and opportunities that they are being denied in this new, independent country. A Massachusetts farmer by the name of William Manning wrote about his political ideas and the idea of a free government. The source tells me that even though he was just an ordinary farmer without much schooling, that, “Learning and knowledge is essential to the preservation of liberty”(Foner 148). He believed that Americans needed to gain as much information as they could about the political parties, and which direction they were heading towards starting the new nation. Even more importantly, he…show more content…
The source tells me that men and women have brains that are “by nature equal” to each other, yet society will not allow them to develop equally. She claims that, “Intellectual powers should be ranged under these four heads- imagination, reason, memory and judgment” (Foner 155). Murray explains that even though women are not given the ability to show their intellectual talents, they are demonstrated through fashions and inventive scandal, since they cannot be shown anywhere else. From birth, men are led through “the flowery paths of science,” while women are forced to sew, cook, and clean. Women are ultimately unhappy because of this because they want to develop a “cultivated mind.” Women will never be able to match levels with their significant other because they were denied this strengthening of the mind. Judith Murray’s goal in writing this document was to prove that women were as capable as men, and were also thirsting for the chance to expand their
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