On Line Learning vs Classroom

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Online Learning versus Traditional Classroom Learning There are many options available for those who choose to further their education. Students can choose online courses, traditional classroom setting, or they can choose both. Individual who prefer a learning style that requires participation in classroom instruction where they can visually and verbally interact with the instructor and their peers, a traditional classroom might be more acceptable. On the other hand, online classes are geared up for individuals that are computer literate and able to follow an outline and meet due dates of assignments. While online classes education and traditional classroom education are different approaches to higher education, they are similar because both have teacher/students interaction, classroom assignments, and course reading materials. This essay will cover the differences and similarities of both online and traditional classroom education. Online learning is offered via the internet and everything can be found online. In an online class, students must be able to use a computer to send emails, participate in discussion posts, take tests, and submit written assignments. Online classes gives students the opportunity to get announcements, access notes, review assignment, take practice quizzes, chat with fellow students and study any time you want. Students have a direct channel to their instructor via e-mail twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to get their questions answered directly. Interaction is very limited, student do not meet their instructors and classmates face-to-face. When it comes to time, online classes are very flexible, but this does mean that students do not have deadlines to meet. Students work at their own pace and have full control on whether they want to go to the next phase or not. Students can take their classes anytime and anywhere as long as

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