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NAME: ONGORO JUMA 1. GOALS OF ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAP i. Reduce HIV-associated morbidity and prolong the duration and quality of survival ARVS has reduced HIV-related morbidity and mortality and has reduced perinatal and behavior associated transmission of HIV ii. To restore and preserve immunologic function ARVS assures that less damage will be inflicted on the immune system improving the patient’s immune functioning hence delaying the onset of AIDS. 2. DISCUSS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN NUTRITION AND HIV/AIDS HIV Increases nutrient requirement and at the same time impairs nutrient intake and absorption .HIV being linked with symptoms that cause a reduction in the amount of food consumed ,interferes with the digestion and absorption of nutrients consumed. HIV/AIDS also interferes with ability to take in food through making it hard to eat or swallow because of painful sores in the mouth and throat, through loss of appetite as a result of fatigue and depression. Failure to adhere to proper nutrition thus leads to rapid deterioration of patient health. Malnutrition reduces the effect of drugs in the body. When ARVS are administered in the mulnitritious body the cells can’t offer much help to fight along the drugs hence encouraging the onset of AIDS. Also HIV infection results in poor nutrition due to insufficient dietary intake, mal-absorption, and altered metabolism resulting in loss of muscle tissue and body fat together with body weight, increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections due to decreased immunity to disease, reduced food intake increased nutrient requirement which when not catered for leads to rapid HIV disease

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