On Healthcare Reform and Pharmacy Essay

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Nusrath Choudhury PAS -- Oct. 22, 2013 X02611409 On March 2010, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA and also nicknamed Obama Care). Its purpose is to reform the health insurance industry and the American health care system as a whole. The law contains over a thousand pages of provisions that give Americans more rights, protections, and expand access to affordable quality health care to tens of millions of uninsured. The legislation also paves the way for pharmacists to demonstrate their value by expanding patient access to pharmacists’ services in hospitals and health systems. In the paragraphs below the key advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in further detail, as well as how it will pharmacist. One of the major changes under ACA requires that all plans cover ten essential health benefits (this includes Preventive and wellness visits chronic disease management and prescription drugs). Preventive services are free, which will lower health care costs by treating diseases before they reach an expensive crisis. Another change is that insurance companies cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions; they cannot drop anyone from coverage once they get sick. If a company denies someone coverage, that person can go to an external appeals process. The legislation also prevents insurances from setting lifetime cost limits on coverage for necessary health benefits. ACA’s most popular change is that now, young adults under the age of 26 are allowed to stay under their parent’s insurance plan; even if they have an employer option of their own. This also covers dependents, including step-children, adopted children and some foster children. This benefit will be required of all plans that provide dependent care. The legislation proposes some very drastic changes that can prove to be very

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