On Frodingham Road

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In this essay I will discuss how some people benefit and some people lose on a road that I know. The road I will use as an example is Frodingham road in Scunthorpe, and I will be comparing it to the City road in Cardiff. In the 20th century, much like City Road, Frodingham road became a street for tradesmen and small businesses, however in the 1980’s much of Frodingham road became abandoned and a recession hit. As a result of this in the late 90’s, Frodingham road was reborn through immigration. As Dr Parvatti Raghuram points out ‘Before migrants came there was no street and they set up a street’ (Making Social Lives on City Road, 2009, Scene 6). As a result of the fast immigration, the migrants started to open up their own businesses, the…show more content…
This means there is a lot of street parking and with there being so many junctions coming off Frodingham road, there is a lot of traffic. As a result of this it’s common for there to be accidents involving vehicles. This is a negative for Frodingham Road as people avoid using it as they aren’t confident in their safety which means they are losing out actually seeing the different things the road has to offer. On the road there is a club called the Britannia. During the day this is used as a restaurant, which welcomes everybody from children to older people. This shows that during the day, people with different ages use the street for different reasons. However at night the club is used as a place for people to drink and dance. This causes age diversities as only people over a certain age are allowed in and the older generation won’t want to go to places like that at night, meaning they won’t use the street at that time of night. Frodingham Road is used for many purposes, for different people of all ages and races. There is no doubt that it has become a better place than what it was due to the recession, which has helped benefit people by giving them jobs and a home however it can also be argued that some people lose out because of the types of shops that are opening and the safety of the
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