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(Name) (Professor) (Course) (Date) Summary of “On Dumpster Diving” “On Dumpster Diving” is about the author’s experiences with being homeless and living on things he has found in Dumpsters. He explains that a lot of food that is thrown out is actually safe to eat, but people are just too picky about expiration dates and what food looks like. The author claims to have even found still-frozen ice cream and yogurt that was still good while diving for a quick meal. At one point is his life, the author had a steady supply of pizza from the Dumpster behind a pizza place. The pizza place would often make a pizza and then could not sell it for various reasons, so they would have to box it up and throw it away. The author would often find the pizzas before they even went cold. The pizza place eventually caught on, however, and stopped putting perfectly good pizzas in the Dumpster. The author then goes on to explain that Dumpster diving is not a glamorous lifestyle. Cats, birds, bees, and fire ants often attack, and maggots are a common find. But if you take the proper precautions, you may be able to find a treasure, or maybe a few bucks, hidden within the depths of the glorious Dumpster. The author has learned two things about this lifestyle. The first is to only take what you can use, because there is no point taking something you can’t use. The second is that there is no reason to get attached to any one object, because one day it might just disappear. Citation(s) Eighner, Lars. “On Dumpster Diving”. 50 Essays 3rd Ed. Ed. Samuel Cohen. Boston MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011. 146-158.

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