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have always thought of myself as doing some type of work that is gratifying, respectfull and helps the people around me in a significant manner. The gratification involved in getting to help another human being can’t be measured with words. Many sacrifices have to be made during a persons preparation to becoming a doctro. However, these sacrifices will affect health, family and financial situations. However, the benefits will far outweigh the sacrifices, having the ability to help others and share my aquired knowledge. The hardships and sacrifices involved in training to be a doctor are worth the eventual outcome. Becoming a doctor involves a sacrifice that starts with a commitment in childhood and adolescence. Usualy it involves enrolling in math and science classes. A large amount of work is given, leaving no time at all for sports or computer games. Despite the work, the internal satisfaction gained from doing good in these classes and knowing that one more step has been given towards the final goal. As an aspiring doctor I am well aware of the fact that I will have to limit my contact with my family due to the fact that I will be living in the Dominican Republic and I will have many courses to complete. I feel that I am ready to take on the most grueling task which is studying for the exams. I will limit my distraction so I can focus on the task at hand which is to enrich my

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