On day dreaming

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On day dreaming. Daydreaming is such a usual thing but very important. For example while washing the dishes a person can deepen in his own private little world. Nobody would ever suspect from the smile on person`s face that he has not only been washing plates, but successfully revealing some deepened thoughts, his own world. A daydream is a fantasy which occurs while you are not sleeping but just doing some things to which you got used. Daydream can be called a pleasant thought, hope or ambition or all these things in plural. Daydreams may include fantasies about future, or about past experiences, or vivid dream-like images, they are often connected with some type of emotion. Daydreaming may train the mind, leading the daydreamer away from being aware of his or her immediate surroundings, and concentrating more and more on these new directions of thought. To an observer, they may appear to be affecting a blank stare into the distance. To describe this, you must memorize some of your own experiences when you were for example reporting & suddenly stumble but not because you forgot your report but because some thought came to you about something that you were thinking over and over several days ago, or just nothing and you stare into the distance, some kind of having rest from the work of your brain. Daydreaming can be called like that, rest of mind. Maybe that is why people daydream while their work, because they overwork and need some rest for mind. Our life can`t be imagined without daydreamer, just imagine that out film producers music composers hadn`t dreamt they would have created anything special, no film, no music, nothing. I am trying to say that daydreaming is used by creative people, or people of art.(who is involved in that kind of things.) Our minds may wander during boring tasks because daydreaming is actually the brain's normal state. People

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