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Joe Kwitek Introduction to Boxing On Boxing Questions April 4th, 2014 1. Joyce Carol Oates had a few perceptions regarding Mike Tyson. One point in the book she talks about when young twenty-year-old Mike Tyson was being groomed as the most dangerous man in the heavyweight division. She compares him to a young bull describing his strength as being prodigious. As we talked about in class Tyson was a very good boxer when he was younger. I knew he was scary and strong but when he was a kid, in the book Tyson told reporters “I was trying to drive the bone back into the brain” this is a statement that if you were an opponent of Mike’s at the time you never want to hear. 2. Oates talks about boxing as an art. She says that “films, tapes, and photography quickly becomes history for us, even, at times, art.” I can relate to this because of how many famous pictures we see of boxers. One of the most known pictures is Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston. This was a famous photo that most everyone knows. 3. Tyson was taught about fear. Mike Tyson says if he feels fear which, he acknowledges, he does, that he project his fear onto the opponent. As his trainer Cus D’ Amato told Mike to do, but little emotion is ever visible on Mike Tyson’s own face. I think this is cool. Mike Tyson was told to never show any emotion or fear but to look at his opponent as the feared one. It’s funny to hear all these stories how dominant Mike was and then he admits to actually having fear during matches but again never to show it, 4. Oates says that there is nothing fundamentally playful about boxing. It differs from other American sports because you can play another American sport such as football or basketball. Oates says one simply doesn’t “play boxing” and calls all other sports “games” 5. Cus D’ Amato’s was Mike Tyson’s much-vaunted protégé. He was Mike

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