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Summary of: “Knowing Yourself” – On Becoming a Leader (Warren Bennis – 1989) Warren Bennis wrote in 1989 the book “On Becoming a Leader”, and in the first chapter “Knowing Yourself” he defines the base to become a leader and also four important lessons to reach it. The author states that during life our environment shapes us in a way that society expects we should be. But the key point to start being a leader is when we can decide for our own how we want to be. This can happen early or later, but it’s a lifetime process that can vary from one person to another. To transform yourself on becoming a leader, it is important to learn from everything. And there is no best teacher than you. There are many ways of learning, and could be for example emulating someone, taking learning from problems, or anticipating events learning before they occur. Since learning is more a process than a thing you get from one day to another, there should be motivations to keep on the road and try to fulfill our potential, and two of them are the hunger to satisfy our attention for something and the difference between what you are and what you should be. Since each person is responsible of its future, it is more than important to accept responsibility. The author provides an example of Disney Productions’ Vice President Kaplan that states that before taking that job, he didn’t know much about the industry, but he accepted the responsibility and did different things that transformed him and then get success. It is a mix of discipline, desire and transferability of skills what can take you to better places. Every experience can teach you something and with the time you can filter situations and take more advantage of the most important ones. If learning is just a process of receiving information, it could not be useful in your life. That is why you should reflect everything you

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