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ON ACADEMIC ESSAYS Why Essays Are Written The essay’s primary function is the clear communication of thoughts, ideas, or information. Yet it is a remarkably flexible genre. People write essays for a variety of reasons, using a variety of forms and writing styles. - to express new ideas or points of view - to teach or explain - to reflect on or express opinion about people, events or situations - to raise awareness of social issues or injustices - to persuade or influence readers on political issues, by presenting arguments from a particular point of view - to entertain or amuse by presenting topics in original or clever ways The Essay Structure A. The introductory paragraph(s) includes the thesis statement. Identifying the thesis is CRITICAL. To do it correctly ask yourself the following questions: - Does the thesis include all the material in the essay or only a part of it? - Is the thesis restatement in the conclusion similar to what you have identified as the thesis? - Does each argument directly relate to and support the thesis? B. The body, or main section, of the essay is where its thesis is developed: arguments are put forth, evidence is given, and ideas are connected into a cohesive whole. C. The concluding paragraph summarizes or restates the thesis of the essay and provides some insight or statement regarding the importance of the topic. Formal and Informal Essays The informal essay is often called the familiar or personal essay. It’s usually written in first person and directly addresses the reader. It is frequently drawn from the writer’s life and everyday events. It appears to be more loosely structured, and uses a more personal and subjective tone. The thesis statement may appear anywhere in the essay or may not be explicitly stated. The formal essay is usually written in third

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