Omnivore's Dilemna Position Papaer Essay

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Michael Pollan, the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma would have you to believe that capitalism (which he states is a poor economic model) to apply to issues of food consumption and production. I have to say that I agree with his premise that the industrial model of business is not the best model for approaching food anxiety in the United States. The main reason that it creates divisions in the food production chains that are all for the wealthy and unfair to the poor, it also leads to the upper income families having the pleasure of the more expensive healthy meals that are nutritious while the poor families eat the cheaper meals that are not as healthy or nutritious (Schlosser 123). It is obvious that larger manufacturing companies in the food industry have inflated their control on the market. The larger the company, the more market power it has. This is the reason that large businesses are making the decisions for their best interests, to increase their profitability in the market. No single large business will ever make decisions based on the interests of the consumer. The consumer receives food at a cheaper rate; it is supported by its own taxes. Less nutritious foods will always come at a lower cost as compared to foods that are vastly nutritious. The higher the nutritional value in the foods, or the better the food is for you the higher taxation and prices you’ll pay for it. That is why so many of us can’t afford to eat healthy, basically to eat healthier you have to pay more. That is why we have obesity in this country raging out of control. Price instability is also a big problem for capitalistic markets; this is because of increased fluctuations in food prices that prevent the poor from affording basic food commodities (Pollan 56). In closing I have to say that I agree with Pollan’s idea that capitalism is a poor model to apply. It is

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