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Understanding and overcoming a male inferiority complex Have you possessed the horrible habit of raising your voice, speaking quickly and appearing fearful and erratic when in an argument, or when criticising someone? If you have then you should keep reading. The reason for this is that sub consciously you view yourself as inferior. You regard yourself as a low status male. Whenever arguing with a higher status male your inferiority complex would cause you to panic. You would feel uncomfortable in the rarely entered territory of the alpha male, in which one stands up for himself and refuses to be made to feel inferior by anyone. As a result your voice would raise, your speech would quicken and you would begin to make quick and erratic movements. Even as you were defending yourself in an heroic fashion your omega male traits would show themselves. Have you ever heard of an omega male? It is the term used to describe the lowest status males in pack animals. The omega male in a wolf pack for example, is the male who gets picked on by the others, has to eat last, and almost never gets to breed with the females. We see this in human social groups as well. Try to think of a social interaction you have had in your head, like when you…show more content…
Realise that you are of high social status and that to begin to squeal, or raise your voice, or make scared and erratic movements, or get very defensive, is to cast yourself into the mould of the omega male, carved out for you by the media and by the cunts that may once have bullied you in school. Remain a man, don't be afraid, and don't back down in the face of physical danger (unless it’s serious) if the argument should come to blows then so be it. But don't appear apologetic for not 'knowing your place.' Your place in the social hierarchy is whatever you decide it is. Don't allow anyone to make you feel inferior, and don't give them the permission to do so by being apologetic and

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