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Of Mice and Men Theme Statements Below are some theme statements for Of Mice and Men. Number each statement with one or more of the following comments: Incorrect format (author or title omitted, or the title is not formatted correctly) Too narrow (theme statement only applies to this story) Third person is not used (in other words, “you” or “I” are used) Cliché (overused statement) Does not point toward the theme of this story Good (expresses author’s view of a universal point) ________ In Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, the author expresses the universal idea that all men have dreams and have something that truly belonged to himself, which they, on their own try to achieve. ________ In Of Mice and Men, the author John Steinbeck expresses the universal idea that people want to be free to achieve the things they desire, without interference of others. ________ Mankind is not understanding. People do not accept other people’s differences ________ In John Steinbeck’s novel “of mice and man,” Steinbeck invokes many themes through the experiences of the characters. One of the major one experienced by almost all characters is loneliness for different reasons such as: their skin color, their background, their appearance and simply not accepted for who they are. ________ People always face obstacles. However, there are obstacles which people cannot overcome. ________ In the “Of Mice and Men”, Steinbeck wanted to show, how people are different, their character and personality, and how they manage to live together and corporate, depending on who they are. How they survive. How people with the stronger authority take advantage of the weaker ones. ________ In Of Mice and Men the author John Steinbeck express the universal idea that people want independence. ____c____ The reason why I

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