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Explain the way Steinbeck creates sympathy for Lennie. ‘Of Mice and Men’ is a novella written by John Steinbeck and is written in the era of economic depression and where migrant workers were constantly shifting to find jobs. However, there was one thing that kept everyone motivated including Lennie and George the American Dream. This is when everyone believed dreams come true but as we go ahead we see how their dreams are futile. John Steinbeck uses animal references to portray Lennie. Lennie is denoted to a “Horse”. Horses come across to be powerful but Lennie’s actions contradict him evident in “Lennie looked startled and then in embarrassment hid his face against his knees”, One the other hand he is huge and powerful but then he acts childlike which makes him come across as immature with an abnormal personality. This makes us believe that he has some sort of disability but sympathy is created because he is unconscious of it and cannot function in society and is shown to be dehumanized as normal people have the ability of acting normal which Lennie is not showing. If Lennie is hiding his face he is not fit for the race. If so Lennie wants his own farm and raise rabbits however due to Lennie’s power it is highly doubtful that the rabbits will survive so all the hard work will go for a waste. The title, Of Mice and Men, comes from an eighteenth-century poem by Robert Burns entitled “To a Mouse.” This poem features a couplet that has become widely known and quoted: “The best laid schemes of mice and men / Gang oft aglay.” That last phrase, written in Scottish dialect, translates as “often go wrong.” As will become clear, the quotation relates directly to our two protagonists, who do indeed have a “scheme” to get out of the cycle of poverty and alienation that is the migrant worker’s lot: they plan to purchase a farm of their own and work on it themselves. Lennie

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