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Sample essays Read the passage from near the end of Section 3 of Of Mice and Men from ‘Why’nt you tell her to stay the hell home where she belongs?’ to ‘Slim jumped up’…I’ll get ‘um myself.’ Then answer the questions below. (a) How does Steinbeck use details and language in this passage to show how tension mounts and leads to violence, and to portray violence? (b) How does Steinbeck use violence and the threat of violence in the novel as a whole? Grade C answer (a) Steinbeck shows how the men seem to be ganging up on Curley because they don’t like him. Just before this passage starts, Slim has created an example by telling Curley that he is ‘God damn sick’ of Curley. This encourages Carlson, who is next down in the pecking order, to join in. He also speaks angrily: ‘Whyn’t you tell her to stay the hell home where she belongs?’ He suggests that if Curley lets her ‘hang around bunk houses’ it will lead to trouble. This further insult winds Curley up, and he invites Carlson to ‘step outside’. The tension builds up even more when Carlson laughs at Curley, insults him by calling him a ‘punk’ and ‘yella as a frog belly’, and threatens to kick his head off. It is the last straw for Curley when even old Candy joins in with a snide dig about Vaseline. Curley doesn’t dare fight Slim or Carlson, and Candy is too old, so he takes it out on Lennie who he thinks is laughing at him. Steinbeck uses violent words like ‘slashed’, ‘smashed’ and ‘slugging’ to make the fight vivid, as well as describing the blood. He also makes it seem wilder by making PHILIP ALLAN LITERATURE GUIDE FOR GCSE © Philip Allan Updates 1 OF MICE AND MEN Sample essays George yell. He also makes us feel sorry for Lennie and his ‘terror’, which makes Slim get up, as if the fight is going to spread and involve all of the men. (b) The threat of violence is present in Of Mice and Men really

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