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Hopes and dreams help people to survive even if they can never become real… Every people dream and wonder around in their minds about special things. Dreams and hopes can be very important for people’s needs. In most cases, dreams can be misled because of the reality. It is very difficult to describe them because they are not the same for everybody. In the novel Of mice and men, there are many examples where characters have dreams but reality is different. George and Lennie, dream about getting their own farm, but this dream is different for everyone. George dreams about farm without boss, he dreams about place where they can do everything they want, to live there without any restrictions. „An’ it’d be our own, an’ nobody could can us. If we don’t like a guy we can say; ‘Get the hell out’, and by God he’s got to do it An’ if a frien’ come along, why we’d have an extra bunk, an’ we’d say, ‘Why don’t you spen’ the night?’ an’ by God he would.” On the other hand Lennie dreams about farm where they will have strawberries, rabbits and their own little house to live in. Lennie is very fascinated by this imagination, so he always wants to hear about it, waiting for the moment when that time will come. „ George, how long’s it gonna be till we get that little place an’ live on the fatta the lan’- an’ rabbits?“ Lennie is doing what George wants him to do, and tries not to get into a trouble because of his dream he has already in his head: „ What you gonna say tomorrow when the boss asks you questions?“- „ I...I ain’t gonna...say a word.“- „Good boy! That’s fine, Lennie. Maybe you’re gettin’ better. When we get the coupla acres I can let you tend the rabbits.“ Candy too dreams about better life. This is shown when he hears George and Lennie talking about their dreams and offers a large amount of money to them as request to live with them till he dies : „ Maybe if I

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