Oma Recovery Essay

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The Effects of April 27th 2011 April 27th 2011, was one of the most devastating days ever in Alabama’s history. On this day 2 years ago, more than 200 people lost their lives, hundreds of families lost their homes, and many towns were destroyed. One of the many towns destroyed was my home town of Cordova, Alabama. The destruction was massive. The middle of town was completely leveled. The only grocery store in town was destroyed; all houses in the middle of town, my house and many others on the outskirts of town were damaged and leveled. As if damage and destruction were not enough, the storm took four precious lives: Annette Singleton, Jonathan and Justin Doss, and Jackson Vanhorn. When the storm was finished, the recovery began. Search…show more content…
Not just rebuilding everything, but the mental recovery for everyone who was directly affected. Whether you lost a loved one, a pet, or your house, it was hard for the entire town. For months after the storm, horrible nightmares would wake me up at night, but waking up to realize that it was not happening again, and it was just a dream is just a part of the my recovery process. My family signed up for disaster relief with FEMA. Well it turns out at FEMA is a joke. We only received $1,200, 3 weeks after the storm, because we had insurance, and people down the street, without insurance, received a $30,000 check in the mail one day after the storm. Instead of complaining, we took that money and bought a brand new and safer storm shelter. One year later, FEMA sends us a letter saying that we did not qualify for disaster relief, even though we lost everything, and they wanted their money back. I bet the people without insurance didn’t have to pay back the $30,000 they received. Thinking that this was completely wrong and absurd, my mom appealed it, but of course that fell through the floor. In denial about the entire situation, we prepared to not only pay for a new house, all contents and my college tuition in 2 years, but also pay back FEMA money they gave us because we were storm victims. Sounds crazy right? Even though we were lied to by FEMA, it did not matter because we received the same
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