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Olympics – tedious, unexciting sports By Oliver Pirie London 2012 Don’t get me wrong, London 2012 was an amazing success but some of the sports were unbelievably dreary! Let’s take the horsing for example or whatever the posh word they’ve came up for it, oh yes “Dressage”. It’s only the upper-class people of our society who take part, with spectators only attending for the experience of the Olympics despite the fact it wasn’t in the actual Olympic Park so all they were really doing was watching some horses manoeuvring around an arena, wow; now that’s everyone’s idea of fun? So throughout the Olympics I mainly watched the beach volleyball, the men’s favourite Olympic sport despite the fact it’s everyone’s wife’s worst! The disgusting look mine gave me every time I slowly moved my chair closer and closer to the TV screen as the players bent over. So the next day I looked up to buy some tickets and purchased the beach volley final, now that was some tickets to have! The bums had better be worth £150 for me and my wife as she reluctantly accepted (as this was her only chance of seeing any of the Olympics). Once we made it up to the ticket booth, to my disgust and wife’s pleasure, it said MENS FINAL. I don’t even like volleyball let alone some pathetic version on sand; I just wanted as much pleasure from bums as I could before my spouse Sarah’s butt cheeks look like two pigs fighting over milk ducts every night before she and I go to sleep. Another sport that was totally pointless at the London Olympics – Trampolining, I mean anyone can jump on a trampoline make a couple of circles and then say “I’ve worked my whole life for this”, when all they do is jump up and down. Little to no physical exercise is needed, my own Nan could probably have a decent attempt at it. Whereas all the other games you really do have to do something to compete. Trampolining -

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