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library, swimming pool and other entertainment facilities. Germany was sparkling and ready to host the whole world, and on June 24, as soon as American team had arrived in Manhattan, red-white-and-black swastika flags were flying from all over the place. During preparation time, the promoting signs of the Olympics were the colorful torches. Before the Olympics started, more than 3000 runners were asked to carry the Olympic torch. Hitler’s arriving was accompanied by the cheers of the approach of the Olympic torch, loud music, and the athletes, who were marching around the track. These athletes included people all over the world, all kinds of nationalities: Blacks, Jews, Orientals, Arabs, who were seen as inferior and did not fit the Nazi’s idea of superiority. The Olympic Games started on August the 2nd. The first event, was the most glamorous due to the winner could call himself as “the world's fastest human”. Germans were taking a look on American athletes, especially on African-Americans. The most curious they were about Jesse Owens, who became famous on the 1936 Olympics. Finally, he won four gold medals, one each for the 100-meter dash, the long jump, the 200-meter dash, and the 400-meter relay. He did not have any benefits, on the 100-meter dash, he was taking part the last one, that is why he had to cover himself with a blanket to keep warm. As he said, the running 100 meters was just a question of speed. And he won it easily, he could run it every day. The result of the races was said out loud all over Berlin, and everybody could hear how Owens took his victory. Even Germans considered him as a hero among Americans. Jesse was surrounded by the reporters since the first day of the Olympics. Hitler did not like it, it was not supposed to be a showpiece for him. He planned to see the winners with blue eyes, with skin color, he expected to see Germans as

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