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Women Sports Excluded From the Olympics Sports are a way for people to come together to share a good time and enjoy a passion for the sport. Women sports have been belittled by men sports and society because of the stereotypes there have been about women being a housewife and not being so aggressive. Sports provide an opportunity for individuals to set their own goals and accomplish them. The Olympic Movement should be used by all of us who care about sports to make sure that women truly exercise their right to participate fully in the world of sports. A few sports that have been popular with women often are not included in the Olympics. The lack of women sports teams appearing in the games means less media attention, funding, and less opportunities for sponsorship. For women athletes the Olympic recognition plays an important part in getting sponsorship for local competitors around the world. It also provides recognition and opportunities for females. Excluding women sports also eliminates many of the chances for women to compete with others who enjoy the same passion and be viewed as equally as men. During the nineteenth century, a common belief was that men were naturally aggressive and competitive and women were emotional and passive. In other words, men are better suited for tough exercise and sports. This lead to a lower number of female competitors, compared to the number of males which was partly influenced by the way they continued to be restricted by common beliefs. Many women were told that those who were too competitive and serious about their physical characteristic or achievement in sports were less likely to find a husband. Marriage at this time was important for financial and social stability. These and other beliefs resulted in less funding for female athletic programs as well as conflict for women who wanted to become athletes (NWHM 1). While

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