Olympic Oath Essay

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“In the Olympic Oath, I ask for only one thing: sporting loyalty.” This quote is taken from the man who is primarily responsible for the revival of the Olympics, Baron Pierre De Coubertin. At the age of 29 as a French educator, Pierre de Coubertin had a desire to promote better international understanding through love of athletics. 114 years later, his desire being accomplished, is now taking place in Vancouver, Canada— better known as 2010 Olympic Games. Everywhere you are right now, you either hear or see something about the Olympics or Olympic related. Our country is well represented with many talented Americans playing for us at the Olympic Games going on right now. As Iowans, we are able to talk about a fellow Iowan that has represented our country, Shawn Johnson. And did you know by drinking a Coke within the last 82 years, you are supporting the Olympics? There is such fascinating history behind the life of the Olympics and the current 2010 Olympics that I would like to bring to your attention. The opening ceremony is an Olympic tradition, of which has been upheld for 114 years. In honor of the original games held in ancient Greece, the Olympic athletes of Greece march into the stadium first. The athletes of the other countries then follow in alphabetical order by country, according to the spelling in the language of the host country. The athletes of the host country enter last. For the first time ever in the Summer of 1956 Olympics, during the Closing Ceremony athletes from all nations entered the stadium in unity, rather than marching in one nation at a time. The Olympic flame, one of many recognizable symbols of the Olympics, symbolizes the light of spirit, knowledge, life, and is a messenger of peace. The fire is ignited in Olympia, Greece by using a mirror to concentrate the rays of the sun. Runners then transport the flame in a torch relay from
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