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Olly Racela in Bangkok Case Analysis Ann Trinh Assignment #3 ADMN 417 ID: 2914590 May 31, 2011 Word Count: 1491 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Olly Racela visited Bangkok a year after her graduation. Disillusioned by her first job in her home country (United States), Racela sought and became employed by a Thai firm. As an expatriate, Racela encountered difficulties related to cultural differences and language barriers. As she strived to adopt Thai customs, learn the language and adapt to the way of life in Bangkok, she also experienced stress and frustration. After six months at her new job, Racela realizes that her job is not sufficiently challenging for her. She believed that if she moved to work in a foreign country, she would take the opportunity to live and travel within Asia. However, as she lived and worked in Thailand, she realized that being a tourist and an expatriate is very different. Besides not knowing how to speak or read Thai, Racela struggled with accomplishing simple daily tasks and she had difficulty reconciling her American work ethics with those of her Thai colleagues. An issue beyond her control is the declining Thai currency in the foreign currency market; this affects her earnings and therefore, it may not be worthwhile for Racela to continue working in a job that she found unchallenging and not in alignment with her American work ethics. Olly Racela has two alternatives to choose from for her future: she can accept a three year contract with her Thai firm or accept an employment offer in her home country. From these alternatives, the recommended solution is for Racela to accept her friend’s offer and return home to work. PROBLEM STATEMENT After living in Bangkok for nearly three years, Olly Racela has to decide whether she should continue to live in Thailand or to return to the United States. As an expatriate, Olly

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