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The Battles One Goes Through Oliver Twist is a long and extraordinary 53 chapter book. Without important elements of a story, such as conflict, creating great books that allow you to visualize the situation would not be possible. One enormous conflict in the novel is Oliver Twist versus Fagin's gang, otherwise known as Man versus Society. Fagin is seen as the antagonist in the story Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, while Oliver Twist is seen as the protagonist. Fagin the Jew is the leader of the evil that tries to corrupt young Oliver Twist into thinking that pick pocketing is the correct way to live. With the help of Fagin's young apprentices, The Artful Dodger and Charley Bates, Fagin patiently waits for his goal to complete, while Fagin sits back and does nothing at all. You could argue that Oliver did not argue with Fagin's term at first, but as Oliver spent time in the gang, he realized that Fagin was merely exploiting the children for his own purposes, pick pocketing pedestrians and receiving what was stolen. As the story progresses, Oliver is continuously harassed by Fagin and his gang even though he tries to avoid them as much as possible. Some conflicts might not seem that huge, but what you have to look further into the result of the conflict, not the actual conflict itself. For example, Oliver Twist versus Noah Claypole (Man versus Man). If you look at the conflict you would say "Noah insulted Oliver's mother and Oliver nearly killed Noah, so the result is Oliver nearly killed Noah." Yes that is true, but with more insight into it, Oliver eventually got hit by Mrs. Sowerberry and ran away from the Sowerberry estate because of Noah's actions. Another minor conflict would be the conflict of Mr. Brownlow versus Mr. Grimwig (once again, Man versus Man). Mr. Grimwig bets Mr. Brownlow that because he has not known Oliver for very long and that he sent

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