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How successful was British foreign policy between the years 1855- 1865? The main aims of British foreign policy in the time between 1855- 1865 was quite simple really; they wanted to keep peace in Europe, expanded her empire and keep trade going. There are many different argues to whether they were successful in this period or not. Britain did stop any major world war which can very much seen as a success. Britain relationship with different countries in this time period differed, countries such as Italy it increased reputation but large countries like the US it affected which could affect them in the future. A very important foreign policy for Palmerstone Britain was not to gain big countries like Prussia and Russia get any bigger, this didn’t quite go to plan in this time period events such as the Polish revolt where Russia increased it power. Overall I think that British foreign policy was short term maybe not success but long term it was success as they built and maintain good trading blocks thought the world and also apart from Russia gaining a bit of power; the balance in Europe was at a maintainable level. The 2nd Chines War of 1856-1860 can very much be seen as a success or failure in British foreign policy. The biggest success’s will very much be seen in increasing trade links around the world. Merchants and rich business men thought out Britain would be gaining from this war after Britain went to war and won and therefore opening up a new trading area. China is a very large where they make lots of materials and good which Britain can trade with and it will bring money to the government. Other success included, the war upheld British prestige as it showed to the world that Britain is this huge country that can dominate anyone if they feel the need to. It also made other countries fear Britain in the way that would think twice next time if they repeat the

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