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Olive U 1 Running Head: OLIVE U SEGMENTING AND POSITIONING Olive U Segmenting and Positioning Tina Harrell Professor Karen Mountain Marketing 500 April 28, 2013 Olive U 2 Running Head: OLIVE U SEGMENTING AND POSITIONING Company Overview Consumers are flooded with beauty product options. The market contains numerous facial cleansers all claiming their product will improve skin if you use their product. People with sensitive skin need a facial cleanser without harsh chemicals. Since I fall into this category I decided to create a sensitive facial cleanser, Olive U, with exfoliate built in creating a one step process. Having a one step cleansing process is more efficient and cost effective. With the state of today’s economy consumers need cost effective products. Time is also valuable for consumers, most everyone leads busy and hectic lives and using a one step facial cleanser is appealing. The key ingredient in Olive U is olive oil. The use of olive oil is not only used for cooking, for example, companies are using olive oil in soaps and lotions. The sensitive facial cleanser Olive U will not only cleanse but also exfoliate and give moisture to skin. The vitamin E rich beauty powerhouse can help you look younger, and keep skin feeling supple and even calm irritation (Livestrong.com). Consumers, specifically women, are concerned about the appearance of their skin and preserving their youth. A proper skin-cleansing regimen and the use of a quality product will accomplish these concerns. This is the first year for this company and revenues are breaking even. We are set up in kiosks within the local malls in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. We are looking to expand kiosks throughout the Northern Virginia and D.C.

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