Olive Garden Observation Report

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Mrs. Davis Observation Essay 09-14-11 J.B. "Hello welcome to Olive Garden, how are you doing today?" That's one way someone might be greeted once entered at the italian restaurant, Olive Garden. After people are greeted at the door they run into a host at the podeum in the dimmed lobby who takes their information. For example how many people are going to be dining with them, if they need high chairs, boosters or even baby slings, they will be asked if their group is all here and if they need kids menus. As an employee and guest at Olive Garden in my opinion I feel that it is one of the best italian restaurants. The Olive Garden located next to the westfield gateway mall is the only one in the city of Lincoln. Olive Garden wouldn't be what it is today without our general manager, Jared Beckman. Jared is known for being a great…show more content…
He gives all the workers a pep talk to get them motivated to do a good job. He also has to approve of everyone's appearance to make sure everyone looks appropriate for their shift. The busiest times for Jared are most likely early in the morning and around 4pm. During those times he is answering phone calls and filling out paperwork. For example those calls might be a reservation, an employee calling in sick, an employee switching shifts, or Bruce our top dog manager who works in Omaha. The paperwork he does is usually business related or it's the "who's who" (sheet of paper that tells the hosts who is all working for the day or night) he's filling out. A regular day for Jared is like a roller coaster ride. Throughout the day, Jared goes to every table to talk to them to make sure their dining experience was excellent. While working Jared has to maintain the front of the building (lobby) and the back of the building (kitchen). He always makes sure guests come in with a smile on their face and leave with a smile on their
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