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Restaurant Evaluation: Olive Garden My wife and I love to go to Olive Garden whenever we have the extra cash. We love Olive Garden and always have. What we love the most about the place is the endless breadsticks and salad and nothing makes all that any better than the great service we always get when we go there. For those of you who do not know what Olive Garden is, it is a mid-priced, fine dining, large chain, Italian food restaurant. I just recently went to Olive Garden for my birthday last month and this recent visit was honestly the best of all. I really believe that Olive Garden lives up to their saying “When you’re here, your family.” This last visit they lived up to it more than ever because when we walked in they made us feel very welcome and got us seated very fast. The host even talked to us the entire time to the seat made us feel “at home.” When she got us seated she opened the menu for us and explained the daily special for the day. The server then approached us not but maybe 2 minutes after being seated. She introduced herself and offered a wine sample and double checked to make sure we were aware of the specials that day. She was tentative and was on top of everything the entire time we were there. She got our drinks to us in a timely matter and made sure our drinks where filled at all times. When it came to any questions I had about any new food they had she knew it all and was very knowledgeable. Of course it was a Saturday we were there so she was very busy and had three other tables to deal with and she was still able to help run other servers food and still make sure her tables where happy and satisfied. “Olive Garden offers a wide variety menu of Italian specialties.” (studymode.com, 2011) I had plenty of things to choose from on the menu to eat. I was looking over the appetizers and noticed how many of the items sounded good and how

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