Older Adult Interveiw Essay

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Older Adult Interview Meriam Izobo University of Michigan- Flint My older adult interview has changed the way I feel about my health and my future. Having the chance to interview someone who has been through so much and has had so many stories and experiences to share has made me take a look at my life and the things that are most important. I can say that from this interview I will strive to keep me and my family healthy and I will greatly consider planning today for tomorrow as in my retirement. The older adult that I interviewed let me take a look into every personal aspect of his life sharing personal and emotional information that will stay with me forever. We discussed many personal feelings about his life, family, health, spirituality, accomplishments, and regrets. I would say the biggest lesson that we both learned from each other is that life is to short and one should take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. This was more than just an interview to me it became a life lesson and he became my teacher over those couple of days. It was also more than just an interview to him it became a life review, and he had the chance to reflect on situations in his life that brought him happiness and some that brought him sadness, and through it all he accepts all of his choices that he made and tries not to have regret. “Living for today to have a better tomorrow” is what he told and me, and it is also the motto that he strives to live by. As our interview came to an end a complete stranger had become a friend and a teacher in only a short time and I personally believe this will be an experience we both will take with us for a long time. T.Y. is a 68 year old Caucasian single male who lives alone on the East side of Detroit. He is the father of eight children with three of the eight children being his biological children and the other five his step

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