Older Adult Fitness Assessment

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Older Adult Fitness Assessment Fitness assessments are important in order to establish a person’s weaknesses and strengths. These assessments help fitness professionals determine at what level of training a person should begin their program and what are the areas of improvement that need more focus. It is important to have these assessments in order to be able to successful establish a program or make modifications to a program which is adequate for an athlete or an elderly individual. During our last two labs we were required to conduct a fitness assessment for younger adults and another for an older adult. Although both assessments measured muscular endurance and flexibility, the focus on the tests were seemed more specific to the age group. The older adult fitness assessment focuses on exercises that involve movements required for daily activities which allow them to be independent. The chair sit and reach would be mimic movements that would allow an older adult to put on clothing articles such as socks and tying their shoes. The back scratch movement is necessary in order to bathe as well as get dressed or undressed and the chair stand as well as the foot timed up and go are exercises that measure the older adult’s overall agility. On the other hand, the young adult fitness assessment focuses more on the upper body flexibility, strength, and endurance of the average healthy adult. This assessment ranks the persons fitness based on their score on each test. Although both assessments are different they are assessments that assist fitness professionals on what programs are right for the person based on their own strength and weaknesses which allows them to monitor progress more effectively. Without these assessments it would be difficult to establish goals and help an individual improve their overall fitness and could potentially cause a person to become

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