Olde Town History

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As many cities today are new and expanding there are things to be remembered about cities that people moving into may not know that others would know. Conyers, Georgia (also Rockdale County) is a city where there are many different events that are dated back in time and in history, not excluding recent history. As a new member of the community there are a lot of different things that can be learned and compared from past time to now. Before European settlement, the area which is now Conyers, along with the surrounding county of Rockdale, was occupied by mound building Native Americans. As time progressed, the Muscogee (or Creek) Natives and the Cherokee Natives shared a common border here. This border was known as the "Great Indian Road," and is known now as the "Hightower Trail". This trail was used by…show more content…
Here there are many historical sites and shops along with much charm that stemmed from the local history. This city has grown from a stop in the 1845 railroad track to a progressive city with over 10,000 people according to a 2000 census. The shops, businesses, and restaurants in Olde Town keep the area full of life while preserving its vivid history. The Conyers Depot is definitely one of the favorite tourist attractions in Olde Town. The Depot was a working station until 1972, when passenger rail service between Atlanta and Augusta was stopped. It now serves as a social gathering place and is maintained by the Rockdale County Historical Society. This Conyers landmark is surely the heart of Conyers (convention bureau: City of Conyers). The Dinky is a great historical site in Olde Town Conyers. A 1905 roger steam locomotive while was a train in route between Conyers and the neighboring milltown of Milstead until 1961. It is great to see the memories of the city and learn more about them and Olde Town Conyers will help rekindle that
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