Old Women in Disney Essay

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Sonia Aggarwal 211712064 Ruby Newman Women and Aging GSWS 3504 November 12, 2014 Old Women in Fairytales Walt Disney is one of the world’s largest entertainment enterprise that is targeted to young children, especially girls. Disney consists of many stereotypes of race, sex, and age, which get passed down to the children who read the books and watch the movies. Many people think that Disney is just a bunch of fairytales with lovely, gorgeous, and young princesses; however, these people need to start looking a little harder. Disney portrays many different archetypes of characters other than princesses, and one of the popular character types is the old lady who is either a mother, or a woman with no children of her own bloodline. This essay will argue that Disney portrays two types of old women: the first is the ones who follow the norms of an ideal woman, and the second is those who deviate from the norms. It will be revealed that the women who follow the norms are portrayed as loving and caring women, and those who stray from the norms are represented as evil women. Tom Robinson, Mark Callister, Dawn Magoffin, and Jennifer Moore explain how television is a tool that is highly used to reinforce and recycle stereotypes through children (203). When it comes to the depictions of age, Disney can be seen as something that is very problematic. One will never see a princess in Disney who has aged. Mia A. Towbin, Shelly A. Haddock, Toni S. Zimmerman, Lori K. Lund, and Litsa R. Tanner explain that Disney tends to celebrate youthfulness, particularly in women (23). They say that on television, women are on average 4 years younger than their male counterparts, and there is a very scarce amount of women who are older than 50 that are portrayed (Towbin et al. 23). Although Disney as tried to hide their racism by having a black princess in The Princess and the Frog and

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