Old Testament Historical Perspectives

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Melissa McDonald Davis BIB 104 January 22, 2015 Professor Dodson God and Man - The Days of Old The Old Testament is the beautiful story of God and his children. The first five books, the Pentateuch, were passed down through oral tradition and finally recorded by Moses. Becoming the first official Hebrew Bible in roughly 625 B.C. (Lecture 1, 2015). The thirty-four books that followed completed the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bible is a precise assembling of historical, prophetical, and poetical writings which span the major eras of the Old Testament. The Primeval Era, though not specifically dated, contains the accounts of creation (Genesis 1-2), the fall of mankind (Gen 3), and the cleansing flood of Noah’s days which purged…show more content…
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The Beginning/ Primeval Era A. Creation (Genesis 1-2) – undated B. The Ancient Near Eastern World C. The Fall (Genesis 3) – undated D. The Cleansing/ Flood (Genesis 6-9) – undated E. The Egyptians discover papyrus and ink, built libraries 2500 B.C. F. Africa exports gold for industrial and religious uses to the Egyptians 2400 B.C. G. Egypt domesticated horses, and Babylon domesticated chickens, introduction of weapons of warfare – bows, arrows 2300 B.C. 2. The Patriarchal Era A. Abraham, the father of the Patriarchs, is born 2166 B.C. (Genesis 11:26-25:8) B. Mesopotamians made glass 2100 B.C. C. Abram moves to Canaanite territory 2091 D. 2066 B.C. Birth of Isaac (Genesis 25:9-27:46) E. Birth of the twins Jacob & Esau 2006 B.C. (Genesis 28:1-38:30) F. Native Americans begin to inhabit Northern America, China began irrigating their land to assist with crop production, Stonehenge in England 2000 B.C. G. Joseph born 1915 B.C. (Genesis 39:1) H. 1900 B.C. Egypt constructs complex water systems to prevent the Nile from flooding the land; first wheel with

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