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Old Testament Hero Essay

  • Submitted by: jnicholson21
  • on September 30, 2012
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The Old Testament hero that I identify with the most is Gideon.   At a young age God called me into the ministry.   I grew up in the church; my father was the Sunday School Director and my mom taught Sunday School.   We never missed a church service unless we were really sick.   I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior at a young age.   Just as Gideon was called by God and just as Gideon tried to make excuses so did I.

It seemed like every time that God spoke to me I would come back with a question to try and run from the ministry that I had been called into.   It started out with me running from teaching Sunday School, it seemed like every time I turned around a opportunity was coming up for me to teach.   I would make excuses about teaching my friends and how I was not that great of a teacher.   When the lord called me into the ministry, I was just like Gideon, I was like me a minster, that can't happen.   I couldn't understand why I was not good in front of people and god was calling me into the ministry.   I mean if I am to be be this great teacher why can I not get rid of this nervous feeling when I am in front of people.

Finally, I reached a point in my life were I couldn't make any more excuses about the calling upon my life.   The lord opened my eyes just as he did with Gideon.   The Lord put opportunities before me and before I knew it I was teaching in Sunday School. After teaching in I stepped out in to my true calling as a minister.   He has given me so much, I began to pray for boldness and strength to face my fears.   When I started being obedient to God it seemed like my fear of speaking in front of people just seemed to vanish.   Just as Gideon finally stepped out and did what God had in store for him to do, so have I and there is know turning back for me.


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