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Old Testament Bible Dictionary Project I. The book of Ruth The book of Ruth was written sometime between 1020 and 1000 BC. The author for the book of Ruth remains unknown, however some believe the author could possibly be Nathan. Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz are the main personalities within the book of Ruth. This particular book in the bible is considered by many to be the greatest love story in history. The basic literary genre in the book of Ruth is considered a biblical Hebrew narrative. The major events that take place in the book of Ruth include: The tragedy Naomi and her family experience (Ruth 1:1–22), Ruth meeting Boaz, Naomi’s kinsman while working in his field (Ruth 2:1–23), Naomi encouraging Ruth to ask Boaz to be her redeemer (Ruth 3:1–18), and finally Ruth is redeemed by Boaz and Naomi is renewed (4:1–22). The key themes in the book of Ruth include: Faithfulness, security, and redemption. Ruth demonstrates her faithfulness to Naomi, by refusing to leave her side and displaying a strong and willing commitment to her mother-in-law (Ruth 1:15-17). Additionally we see another act of faithfulness which is shown through Boaz, he keeps his promise to take Ruth as his wife (Ruth 4:9-10). The unconditional love that God desires all of us to attain is shown through the faithfulness, kindness, honor and security within the book of Ruth. However, redemption is the fundamental theme in the book of Ruth. Boaz, Ruth’s “kinsman redeemer” rescues Ruth and Naomi from an impossible situation. This is a fantastic illustration of how Jesus Christ redeems our lives. There are many purposes for the book of Ruth. I believe the main purpose is to teach us how to have faith in the midst of darkness. II. Ruth According to the Bible, Ruth was Moabite woman who became an ancestress of David through her second marriage to Boaz (Ruth 2:13-14). Ruth met her second husband while

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