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Old testament In the Old Testament, Prophets play an important role in the lives of Israelites. They voiced a particular way of saying world events and history. They spoke as God’s instrument in addressing His people and revealing His divine plans to them. They proclaimed God’s word to the Israelites and called them to repentance and redemption with fidelity. They have been a bridge that connects God with his chosen people. In spite of these, the people of Israel still became unfaithful to God, and like them, we also commit the same mistakes today. We often lose our trust and faith to Him. We doubted God’s own plans for us; we sometimes questioned Him about the things that happened to us every day and worst, we even blame Him for those. Today, many of us walk by sight and not by faith. Some of us distrusted God that we overlooked His love, greatness and goodness that fills the heart with hatred, discouragement, greediness and hopelessness. This instances lead to injustices, ungratefulness and false accusation to others. It’s sad that this time most of us treat God as an option, in a modern way of Israelite’s idolatry. Our minds and hearts are now blown away by the things that give us limited and short-lived happiness in life that we forgot the true source of boundless joy-- that begins in living our life with God and for God. It’s really hard for us to praise Him and go to church on Sundays but so much easier when going to mall and hanging out with friends. It’s awful that the one person who loves us unconditionally is also that One person we always take for

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