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Case Stud 8.4 – Old Smoke Writer: Sarah Morton Instructor: Professor Frederick J. Keil Course: Business Ethics – BUS 309 Date: November 30, 2011 * Explain how you would handle the situation if you were Charles Renfold. If I were handling the situation as Charles Renfold, I would first ask Darlene why she has never brought her smoking concerns to my attention before. And that maybe because she feels under the weather today, the smoke smell has heightened. I would express to her that Alice and Frank try to be considerate of her feelings by not smoking while she is in the room and that they also raise the windows to air out the room. I would also clarify to Darlene “that their state laws require companies to provide a smoke-free work area for employees who desire it; it doesn’t force companies to ban smoking all together” (Case Study 8.4: Old Smoke). I would then enlighten Darlene that I am depending on her to complete the report because top management is expecting it to be done “yesterday”. And because she has never once said anything prior to this incident, there is nothing that can be done today to change the policy that has been put into place. I would finally stress to Darlene that the report needs to be finished today, therefore I need her to start assembling the data in the file room, and by not doing so would be considered insubordination. In addition, by not performing the task given to her, she would receive disciplinary actions for her job performance. I would also let her know that I would be looking into the smoking policy at Redwood Associates, but I cannot guarantee any changes. * Describe the policy on smoking that you would recommend to Redwood Associates. Our culture is now fully aware of the hazardous health consequences posed by smoking, as well as the potential damage which can be caused by second hand smoke. And

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