Old Prostitution Essay

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Older people have a saying, "Don't cut off your nose, to spite your face." This saying simply means don't take any action that may result in your demise. Try not to hurt...yourself. There was a time in the United States when prostitution for lack of a better term was - -a respected profession. There in the middle of Beautiful America were places called brothels. The ruler of the brothel was usually an older, cranky, woman and she was called the madam. This woman provided room and board to the women who were displaced by society and thus, became prostitutes. For a fee any gentlemen caller could visit a brothel, pick any woman of his choice, and after an hour or two leave with a smile on his face. The madam would collect the money before the act and the profits were plentiful. Should prostitution be legalized, is a question that has haunted many for decades. According to a paper written by Mark Liberator an advocate for legalizing prostitution the author wrote, "It was thought prohibition would put an end to many social problems but it actually created many more. Increasing the number of laws runs a risk of creating more criminals, and that is exactly what had happened. Jails became filled." In his paper Liberator states many facts. He discusses society as a whole and contends that since prostitution is illegal the ramifications of such has left us in a world filled with sexually transmitted diseases, broken families, crime, and heavy drug use. The day of the brothel is no more at least not in many states. Prostitutes are subjected to the hard core reality of drugs, street life, and the hard hands and rules of pimps. In fact, in his writing Liberator talks about the governments role in this social problem he argued, "Whether one is a liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, the role of government is to carry out necessary duties its citizens cannot

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