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Reading a story can sometimes be like reliving a piece of history. Through symbolism authors can bring to life a piece of the past and show it through someone else’s eyes. Ernest Hemingway in The Old Man and the Sea tells the story of Jesus Christ in a simple and plain way. Hemmingway, who was not religious, uses subtle symbolism throughout the story and adds Christian imagery to his writing. Santiago was once a strong and well respected man in his community, but now washed away by age he is fighting for survival and is kept alive only by Manolin’s faithfulness, his determination and dream of the lions on those soft warm beaches. Although Jesus Christ’s troubles did not come about due to age as Santiago did, but before his prosecution he was a well respected part of his community. However throughout his prosecution was when he showed his faith and determination. In the story whenever Santiago was in a time of privation he would say a Hail Mary or an Our Father which shows Santiago’s faith in prayer. In this novella Manolin is portrayed as a disciple. He learned everything he knows from him, has full faith in him and wants to follow in his footsteps. In the Bible it tells of Jesus’ journey and prosecution. Before Santiago leaves for sea, he and Manolin eat supper together. This is the symbolism of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. In addition, the Bible says that Jesus takes one fish and makes enough to feed the whole community and in The Old Man and the Sea Santiago caught a dolphin and upon the cutting of the dolphin a fish was found inside and he then had both dolphin and the extra fish to eat. This allows us to see some of the symbolism between Santiago and Jesus Christ. Throughout the story the old man is face with many challenges like going out to far, his lack of food and water, the sharks, and his age, but even while being face with so many

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