Old Glory Essay

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From my aged, worn down, window bench in my bedroom, I can appreciate an American flag. It is approximately fifty yards southeast of my white, screen protected window. The flag is attached to a street light, about twelve feel above the ground, and on the opposite side of the road or the east side. As vehicles travel north on route 26, the American flag hangs directly above the passenger side of the car. I can hear the flag in the wind right now, the Stars and Stripes create the sound of thousands of people clapping at the pure thought of the flag itself. The American flag has thirteen horizontal stripes. The thirteen stripes alternate between seven red and six white stripes. Thirteen stripes are characterized by the original thirteen British colonies. Amongst stripes, the flag has a blue square in the upper left and corner that consumes one fourth of the entire flag. Inside the blue square beholds fifty white stars. They represent all of the states belonging to the federal government. Old Glory consists of only three colors; red, white, and blue. However; to me the colors have a significant meaning. The red represents bravery and honor. When I view the red on the flag, I think of all the men and women who sacrificed their lives fighting for the freedom that all Americans have today. White is innocence and purity. America is as innocent as a lamb. White is a token to America’s trustworthy and respected self. And blue does not mean much to me, although it represents the justice system in America. Old Glory is powerful and free like a bald eagle. When I was a child the American flag was nothing but a daily ritual while saying the memorized Pledge of Allegiance that was drilled into my head from week one of public education. It motivates our nation to keep moving forward in times of troubles. While walking my dog, the American flag and I make eye contact while I

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