Old Autobiography I Wrote Essay

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I was born on June 23, about 2 months earlier than my predicted due date as a result of a car accident. I guess that classifies me as being born and so far raised a Tar Heel! My mom was born in Brooklyn, NY and my dad right here in the triangle area. My mother attended the University of NC at Chapel Hill and currently works for the Town of Chapel Hill in Parking and Finance where she has been employed for 23 years. She also works Saturdays at Sutton's Drugstore where you can not only get good eats, but you may also get an opportunity to meet with a Tarheel basketball, football or baseball player. My dad was in the military and still does occasional guard duty. He is also employed by the Town of Chapel Hill as a bus driver which he has enjoyed being for the past 20 years. While I love being here in North Carolina, I must say that New York with it's bright lights and constant movement, does offer quite a bit more excitement and flavor. On a visit to Connecticut for my aunt's wedding, our train ride took us to Grand Central Station where I had an opportunity to satisfy one my obsessions – a hot dog from a sidewalk vendor. I'm not sure if it was the anticipation of it all, my genuine hunger or the nearly 12 hour train ride that made the hot dog so good -but it was sooo good! I blessed enough to still have four grand parents and two great-grandparents living in states spanning from North Carolina to Washington, DC to Connecticut. My Nana (my moms mother) lives in Rose Hill, NC – home of the world's largest frying pan. She also takes care of foster children, is a breast cancer survivor and formerly a Duplin County

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