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At the beginning of his narrative, Olaudah Equiano points a picture of a typical family life in Africa, before he is kidnapped. He does this in order to illustrate how an African family lives, and how slavery destroys families much like his own. The author uses various pieces of evidence to convince his audience that slavery is wrong and should be abolished. Olaudah Equiano was a hard worker African kid as many others near his hometown. He was one of seven children in his family, which he and his sister were meant to grow up in. He was the favorite kid of the house according to his mom. When he was eleven, people were taking kids to make them slaves, scared, he would climb up the trees to look around and see if people were coming to get any of them. Suddenly one night, he was taken away along with his sister, while his parents were out. As soon as he got kidnapped, he knew his life was not going to be the same again. Soon the siblings got separated away from each other. “She was torn from me and immediately carried away, while I was left in a state of distraction not to be described. I cried and grieved continually, and for several days I did not eat anything but what they forced into my mouth” (54). He now knew and was hoping to be delivered to a house. As soon as they got to a nearby market, he got sold. He went to a house were they spoke the same language as he did, so that made him happy. Olaudah equiano suffered a lot after he got separated away from her sister. He soon became the best slave that was in the house, but then his life changed again, and did not know what was going to happen. He got in a ship, with other slaves, and moved to another place. When he was going to get on the ship, he fainted so they would leave them inland, but that did not happen. They took him anyway, and made him work as soon as he got on it. The conditions on the ship were
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