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On-the-Job Training Reaction Paper My role as an On-The-Job trainee of Q Asia Publication Consultancy Services is more of telemarketing and Online/Internet Marketing. Q Asia Publication Consultancy Services is a company providing Pro-Management Labor and Taxation Seminar. These seminars are very helpful in various businesses to common labor and taxation problem. Inviting businesses in the Philippines to attend the seminar is a day-to-day activities and the goal of the company. They gave us ample time for quality research on the different company profile as well as sending either via fax machine or e-mail blasting for at least 15 or more company a day. While I was working on the first day, was at first little nervous on what will possibly the feedback and if my communication skills was enough to convey the messages since I am not so much familiar with telemarketing but I managed to handle it and I am really proud about because I learned a lot from it. This is something unusual and I am very much proud of while I was doing because this will give me an ample information on how to handle calls and other communication skills both oral and written form. I got to learn also on how to get along well with my officemate and co-trainee. It was really awesome that I can now deal with them properly because they let me express my thought as well as they do. Soon, my attitude will not be a problem anymore because I learned that being cooperative to someone who are superior, inferior to you was no big deal. While I was working, I am happy that I was able to gain new knowledge although it was far different on the lessons I have got from my school. Although during those days when my professors were teaching and discussing to us different things about our course, I really was not paying my full attention but I’m happy that the things I got during the times I listened

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