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My OJT EXPERIENCE May 11,2012 The date when I Started My On the Job Training at Coal Resto Bar and Grill at Pedro Bukanieg St. Ccp , Complex Roxas Blv.Manila, Located at Harbour Square Manila. It is a Filipino Spanish Cuisine, It is also Know For it’s Al Fresco Dining . My First day of My OJT I was scared and I’am shaking all over my body.The first thing that my Coalmates staff asked me to do was to dry the plates and bowls .Then they thought me how to balance and organize stuff in a tray. I was already taught during my summer class on how to handle the tray. But I was still taught of their way. All of the wait stuff uses a bar tray neither they carry a drink nor bus out plates. Only a food runner use a food tray. It is for convienience and keeping purposes. I was assigned as a receptionist and a food attendant for a dinning crew,as a receptionist I’ am the one who place the guest in the table, I also provided the guest food menu and it is for the station stuff to get the beverage menu and hand it to the guest. Meanwhile a food attendant or a dining crew I serve the guest and maintain orderliness of their assigned station.I had a very good time indeed. During the first and second operation, I was slowlydirected few simple instructions, the replacement of spoon and fork on the set-up of the table if the guest is a child on a nanny offering of beverage menu once the gust sat down; refilling tea or a water .I thought I would just observe what they do during an operation, but I was terribly wrong.They already replace me into action, but of course they give me the lightest works, those light works may seem easy as it is once you saw it, but being the one doing it is something different, it is challenging. As hours and days passed by, My staying at coalrestobar is making sense. All things taught during my summer class were we applied like set-up a dinner plate,

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