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Bassim Abbasi English 12 Morrissey Period 4 Streetcar named Desire: Tennessee Williams Assignment 2: scene one setting * Setting takes place in New Orleans , Louisiana In a Place called Elysian Fields were it’s a “low class neighborhood “. Which according to Greek and Roman Mythology it was Heaven. * Stanley Kowalski: Polish Background he’s is 28-30 age group, low class. * Stella: Stanley’s wife, Upper-class, has mannerism, lives in a flat with her husband. * Blanche: Stella’s older sister, she is “rich” wearing white fancy outfit, took a streetcar named Desire ,came From Mississippi * Symbolisms :Desire ,Cemetery ,”Heavens “ Elysian Fields * Eunice :Landlady , “Low class “ * Blanche is an alcoholic, and a very disrespecting person, and a very snobby lady. * Blanche insulted Stella on how her house looked like a horror story. * Blanche is a teacher. * Blanche and Stella are from Mississippi and they lived in a Plantation named “Belle Reeve “or Pretty Dreams in French. * Mr. Graves: Blanches boss has sent her on a leave of absent * Stella left Blanche by herself so Blanche Had felt “Lonely” * Deaths that Blanche delta with was her mother, father Margret, and Cousin Jessie which she’ve had delt with many issues and she needed her sister to be with her during that time of needs. * Stanley was an Engineering officer a few years back Summery Elysian Fields is described in the Play a Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams is “The Heavens” From the heavens from Greek and Roman mythology. Williams had described the name heaven by taking a Streetcar named Desire then a train named Cemetery and then after “life” comes death and then we go to heavens .Blanche Stella’s sister was shocked when she’ve found out where her sister live , it wasn’t in her expectations for her to see a very “Poor’

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