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Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found stabbed to death shortly after midnight on June 13, 1994. Police who investigated the scene determined that they were murdered on the night of June 12th and cops immediately suspected Nicole’s ex-husband, former Buffalo Bills running back, O. J. Simpson. The O. J. Simpson murder case was described as the most publicized criminal trial in American history, having over 150 million viewers tune in for the verdict. The trial spanned from the jury swearing in on November 2nd, 1994, to the opening statements on January 24th, 1995, to a verdict on October 3rd, 1995. Simpson was eventually acquitted after a trial that lasted more than eight months, however, many people still strongly believe that Simpson is guilty and is only a free man due to his wealth and the racial tension the court faced during his trial. The question of race was addressed in the high profile court case of O.J. Simpson when Simpson's lawyer, Johnnie Cochran took a Critical Race Theory position in defence of his client. Cochran believed that racism was a central issue to the case and it was revealed primarily by detective Mark Fuhrman of the LAPD in a white supremacist form. Fuhrman was the detective who uncovered most of the evidence that connected Simpson to the murders. The defence's argument was that detective Fuhrman, motivated by his hatred of blacks, had planted the blood on O.J.'s bronco and the bloody glove at the Simpson's residence in order to incriminate him for the crime. In order to prove Fuhrman's racial hatred and willingness to fabricate evidence, Cochran wanted to introduce evidence of thirty incidents where detective Fuhrman used racial epithets and eighteen examples of his misconduct contained in audio tapes that Fuhrman had made. The court did not allow this evidence to be admitted but did allow for the defence to put three

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