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The case is said to be the most publicized trial of the century. OJ Simpson, former American football star and actor was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. OJ and his wife were divorced two years prior to the murder. This murderous event supposedly happened at 12:00AM June 13th, 1994 where his ex-wife and her friend were found dead outside of Nicole’s condo in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. OJ and Nicole’s kids, Sydney and Justine, ages 8 and 5 were sleeping in an upstairs bedroom. Evidence found led the police to believe that OJ Simpson was the prime murder suspect. Nicole had been stabbed multiple times in the head and neck and had defence wounds on her hands. Simpson was acquitted after a lengthy trial that lasted over nine months which was presided over by Judge Lance Ito. This case-trial demonstrates a social science phenomenon because it illustrates murder, domestic violence and intense family oriented problems, all in which have a relationship to social science. My paper will include every detail necessary to allow you in understanding how the trial arose, the trial itself, how the incident causing the trial came about, all the people involved in all aspects and many more explicit details. Let me begin by explaining you simpson’s defence… Simpson's defense was said to cost between US$3 million and $6 million. Simpson's defense team, claimed as the "Dream Team" by reporters, argued that LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman had planted evidence at the crime scene. Simpson hired a team of high-profile lawyers such as Robert Shapiro, Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian, Gerald Uelmen and many more. These Attorneys specializing in DNA evidence were hired to attempt to eliminate the prosecution's DNA evidence. They even argued that Simpson was the victim of police fraud and claimed that “sloppy internal

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